Stickers And Stamps Project FAQ

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Experimenting with Mapping Sticker Destinations

What is the goal of the project?

  1. Send little moments of joy to as many people as possible. When was the last time you got a treat in a hand addressed envelope?
  2. Collaborate with as many people as possible to collect USPS delivery times across the United States, and beyond.

How does this work?

  1. I mail a sticker to you.
  2. You tell me when it arrives.

Is there a hashtag for the project?

Use it when you post photos of the stickers when they arrive. Help spread joy!

Why Stickers?

So I had all these stickers and no one to give them to.

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Stickers made from hand drawn generative art, by Generative artist Kristin Henry.

Why send mail outside of the United States for this project?

How much more does it cost you to send mail outside of the US?

How many places have you gotten signups from?

Any in South America?

Why do you send reply envelopes when requested?

Is it possible to see your work in-progress?

How can folks help the project?

  • Share the project on social media and mention it specifically to friends and family. Encourage others to sign up, participate, and spread word of the project.
  • Chip in a few bucks on my Patreon or GitHubSponsors.

What data are you collecting? What are you doing with it?

  1. Incoming Raw Data

I’m using a google-form so that you can securely send me your email and postal mailing address. The form also let’s you choose which sticker you want, request an envelope that you can send back to me, and to ask questions or make comments.

2. Working Data Set

I save the information from the form into a ‘working’ spreadsheet, where I keep track of when each sticker gets mailed out and when it arrives at it’s destination. This is a private file, and is not shared with anyone.

In this set, I also add more data to each sticker request. These include

  • The latitude and longitude of your town or city.
  • The distance between your town-city and San Francisco
  • The USPS ‘Sectional Center’ that your mail passes through, based on your zip code.

3. Visualization Data Set

This is the data file that I use in my charts and map. It’s most of the working data set, but names, street addresses, emails, and comments have been stripped out.

When is the end-date for data collection?

However, that could take a long time. So, I’m seeing that as a stretch goal.

If signups continue, and I get more support for the project, I can see continuing through the inauguration. That seems like a natural story arc, starting with when reports of changes to the USPS were coming out.

Why do you use the stamps that you do?

Asawa was an amazing artist who lived here in San Francisco. More specifically, she lived my neighborhood (Noe Valley). As an artist in Noe Valley, it seemed poetic to mail my art with stamps honoring her legacy.

For most of the project, I’ve been walking to the Noe Valley post office, and purchasing several sheets of the stamps at once. But the stamps are limited edition, and my local post office is out of them. I ordered some online, but that’s probably the last batch that I can get.

Questions I’m still working on:

  • How much has this all cost?
  • What has surprised you in this project?
  • Does this have anything to do with the election?

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Data Visualization Consultant. Generative and Data Artist. Creative Coder. Founder of GalaxyGoo.

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