Coloring Generative Art Pages

For a long time, I’ve been creating Generative Art inspired by Science and Mathematics. Recently I started creating pieces that could be part of an Adult Coloring Book. It required some rethinking and experimenting.

Usually, I’m playing with a color palette I’ve set up ahead of time. Or I might start with one color, and let the palette evolve out of the algorithm. But always, I’m playing with color.

Playing with Color in my Generative Art

In my first attempts to create something with outlines and shapes for coloring, I was playing with a grey-scale palette.

Experimenting wit Grey-Scale Palette

These looked cool, but weren’t particularly satisfying to color, once printed. The lighter grey lines just didn’t work, for me. So, then I started experimenting with just black and white, and varying the line thickness.

In the pieces created with a particle system, I had to make the majority of particles ‘clear’ so that the black lines wouldn’t get too thick.

I did a bunch of test prints, and played around with coloring them. It surprised me how relaxed I felt, after coloring a page. No wonder adult coloring books are so popular these days!

Test Prints

I tried coloring with pens, but found that artist quality pencils were much more satisfying.

So far, it’s all been a fun experiment. I have some available in my etsy shop, and in my local bookstore. The books have been more popular than the individual pages.

I also have them available for download on my Patreon. I’m trying to keep to a schedule of publishing one every Friday. They’re free to download for a week, and then they go into an archive and available to patrons-only. I’m still experimenting with this.

In my neighborhood, we have a cozy bookstore that hosts community events. Sometimes, they invite me to bring my coloring pages and they host a relaxed coloring night. Folks show up, and we all sit down and color pages together.

One of my favorite things about these evenings is seeing how other people color my artwork.

Such creative ways to color!

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Data Visualization Consultant. Generative and Data Artist. Creative Coder. Founder of GalaxyGoo.

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