If you’ve been following what I’ve been working on for the past year, you may have heard me mention that I’ve been studying advertisements on a streaming media service. I’ve publicly written about why I’m doing it, and some details on my tech approach in the study. I’ve been approaching this as a scientist; recording what I see in the world, analyzing my data, and preparing to report my results. But I haven’t published any of my data or results. I’m still not ready. I’m not done with the analysis and report.

However, I’m noticing a change in a certain advertiser that reflect current events that I think I should share before I release the rest of my study. The messaging of this advertiser has reflected current events and agendas before, for many years, and in various media.

The majority of his ads have been fairly normal, for him.

One of the most common ads I’ve seen in my study include this one, calling for approval and support.

Image for post
Image for post

Another very common theme, is asking if we think ‘the media is fair’. The message aligns with his public statements.

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Tonight, September 27th, we’re seeing a change in strategy in ads from this source. These new ads have a more defensive tone.

To give you context, in my study of ad content in videos, I take screenshots of add in videos. I’m still collecting and data.

In closing, here are some of tonight’s screenshots

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